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Our Mission

ASAQUAH MOTORS SERVICE CENTRE’s mission is to help stimulate the economy in Cape Coast. We will not only hire up to four full-time employees, but will create business for other companies that are already in business (e.g. Delkol lubricants, Shell, AMSOIL, etc.) and various auto parts dealerships on the internet.  The goal is to give customers quality workmanship at a more reasonable price than that of the competition.  Most independent shops operate on a cash basis; ASAQUAH MOTORS SERVICE CENTRE take and clear checks and most credit cards. We have experienced technicians to deliver the customers vehicles back repaired faster

HONESTY & INTEGRITY: When you take your car in to the auto shop for servicing, you have every reason to expect to be treated with honesty and integrity. However, at Asaquah Motors, it’s our utmost priority to give out the best and genuine service with all truthfulness.

QUALITY: We’re a full service auto repair shop servicing all makes and models of cars and light trucks. From oil changes, transmission flushes to general repairs and engine rebuilding, we’ll have your car running like new again. We do it all through a full service shop staffed by specialists trained and certified in all phases of auto and light truck service and repair. We are the best to render an excellent service for the safety of your vehicle.

We are those who care for cars

Our car repair shop is equipped with the best maintenance tools, equipments, and golden hands of our team that will fix your vehicle and make it pretty. Making an appointment is as easy as scheduling online, calling your local store or walking in.

Years of trust and experience

Keeping a well-maintained vehicle is paramount to your safety. That is why our team of nearly 10 professional technicians are ready to make your vehicle safe and reliable. We are committed to providing high-class services, information and leaving you with a feeling of confidence. With an over 32 years of car care experience we can give you an assurance of a complete trust in us to take care of your car for your safety.

Our Skills

car maintenance
tyre balance
Wheel Alignment
Vehicle Inspection